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3 Key insurances you need for your import/export business

Importing and exporting is big business. The transport of goods ranging from food and clothing, to expensive motor vehicles and high value commodities is a centuries-old practice that has always carried a number if risks along with it.

To ensure your success as an import/export business you will need specific types of business insurance to cover you in case of theft, loss or damage. For your insurance needs, CurrencyWave highly recommends Caunce O’Hara who have a have a wealth of experience insuring import/export businesses.

A UK Top 100 Chartered Insurance Broker, Caunce O’Hara offers a full range of insurance policies and risk management services to freelancers and contractors, the self-employed, SME’s, multi-national corporate businesses and high net-worth individuals, with the mission to help clients plan for the unexpected, feel protected and thrive in their business activities.

These are the 3 key types of insurance that most import/export businesses require:

1 Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine and Cargo insurance covers property being transferred from one place to another. It is a staple to the transportation of goods both domestically and internationally. Policies will insure the movements of goods by sea, air, rail and road against loss or damage from the risks involved in the transportation of goods.

Some marine and cargo insurances will also cover the loss or damage to ships and terminals. For further details it is advisable to talk to your business insurance broker for the correct level of cover required.

2 Stock Throughput Insurance

Stock Throughput Insurance will cover your company’s goods against any physical damage or loss while in your control anywhere in the global supply chain, or in transit and in storage as company owned inventory. It will also cover goods in a manufacturing process but does not cover for damage to your goods that is caused directly by the manufacturing process.

This insurance policy is designed to provide cover from “cradle to grave”, covering the following stages in the product lifecycle:

* From when the raw material is sourced, throughout the assembly and any work in progress phases.

* Any periods of storage.

* While in transit, either domestic or internationally.

* In some cases, it will provide cover after final delivery if a financial interest is evident.

3 Employers Liability Insurance

The transportation of goods can provide any number of potential risks for employees. The lifting and movement of large packages and containers yields potentially hazardous environments for workers to be involved in.

Therefore, it is vital that businesses have the correct level of Employers Liability insurance policy in place to protect them and their employees should the worst happen.

EL insurance is a legal requirement and will cover the cost of defending or settling a claim brought against the employer by an employee who suffers an injury or disease as a result of the work they do.

For further information regarding insuring your import/export business call the broking team at Caunce O’Hara on 0161 833 2100.

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