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Personal Account.

Individuals needing to pay an overseas third party have incurred hidden, hefty and unreasonable bank charges for many years.

Until recently, private individuals have had no access to favourable exchange rates for their international currency transfers, being forced to pay both the charge their bank has levied as a mark-up on the exchange rate, as well as the bank’s fee for the sending the money.

Whilst CurrencyWave purely handles electronic payments, and does not exchange currency for cash or vice versa, it does offer bank-beating rates for international transfers, covering payments for everything from an overseas home to a new Ferrari, and everything in-between.

Case Study.

Cheryl wants to expand her overseas property portfolio but is finding that international currency transfer charges are eating into her rental income and adding to the cost of acquiring further properties abroad.


Overseas property owner, Cheryl, has agreed a price for a second Spanish property. Like her first, this will be available for holiday rental, managed by her overseas letting agency and facility managers. Cheryl pays the agency in Euros and receives rental income in Euros, which she then converts. A large sum will also need to be transferred to the vendor, on completion of her new property purchase.

2.The Challenge

Cheryl is hit hard in the purse, as her bank’s international currency transfer charges are levied on both her outbound payments and the overseas income generated by rentals, once converted into her local currency. This makes a big difference to the actual income earned from her property. She also works full-time and finds it difficult to send and receive transfers in banking hours.

3.The Solution

By using CurrencyWave, Cheryl can save tangible sums on all international currency transfers. She will know exactly how much rental income she will earn per booking, enabling her to better plan her personal finances. A huge worry is also lifted from her shoulders as she can fix a forward exchange rate for the transfer of funds for her new property, knowing exactly what that will cost.

How it Works.

Four simple steps to send a currency payment.

Whether you’re an established importer/exporter, new to foreign exchange transfers or you’re looking to plan a more complex strategy, CurrencyWave is here to help.

1.Register for Free

Register with CurrencyWave to open your free, no obligation account.

2.Quote & Convert

Once your account has been opened, request a real-time exchange rate online for the currency you need to buy/sell.


Should you accept the quote, we will email you a trade confirmation showing the transaction details. All you need to do is make a bank transfer to pay for the currency by the due date shown in the confirmation.


Enter the beneficiary bank details on our platform and your currency will then be sent to your chosen recipient account. Funds will usually be received on the same day for most major currencies.


Registering as a private individual with CurrencyWave is simple-to-do and will take just a few minutes of your time. It’s free to register and we just have to go through the steps that financial services regulation requires. Start the process now and begin your journey towards international transfer savings.

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