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CurrencyWave has a compelling foreign exchange and international payment proposition for companies trading globally but unable to access favourable exchange rates through banks or FX brokers.

Too few businesses making currency payments know there is an alternative to the expensive, slow and cumbersome services offered by the banks. More than ever before, it is important that you choose the right solution for your international payments and one that can best serve your customers, your supply chain and your operational needs in the most cost-effective manner.

Case Study.

Mike runs a UK based superfood health shake manufacturing company, currently exporting to the USA and sourcing ingredients from 5 countries in Europe and South America. He travels a lot and finds it difficult to keep on top of his payments whilst trying to fit these around UK banking hours.


Mike is a superfood health shake manufacturer, currently exporting to the USA and sourcing ingredients from 5 countries in Europe and South America. He needs to pay suppliers in different currencies and also convert his USA customers’ payments back into his home currency. He is hoping to open up new overseas markets by exhibiting abroad and needs to pay exhibition organisers in their currencies too.

2.The Challenge

Whilst Mike is building up export markets and travelling overseas to meet potential customers at exhibitions, he is finding it difficult to pay suppliers. Inflexible UK banking hours make it difficult to make payments when he’s on the move, in non-secure public environments and in different time zones. He is also earning less than imagined from export contracts, as heavy bank charges are eating into his margin.

3.The Solution

By switching to CurrencyWave for his international currency transactions, Mike has discovered he can make payments at any time he chooses, round-the-clock. He will know exactly what this will cost him and will no longer pay unnecessarily high bank charges. His bottom-line profitability will improve and he knows he can now consider forward exchange rate-fixing options, to be even more in control. (All testimonials, reviews, opinions or case studies presented on our website may not be indicative of all customers. Results may vary and customers agree to proceed at their own risk).

How it Works.

Four simple steps to send a currency payment.

Whether you’re an established importer/exporter, new to foreign exchange transfers or you’re looking to plan a more complex strategy, CurrencyWave is here to help.

1.Register for Free

Register with CurrencyWave to open your free, no obligation account.

2.Quote & Convert

Once your account has been opened, request a real-time exchange rate online for the currency you need to buy/sell.


Should you accept the quote, we will email you a trade confirmation showing the transaction details. All you need to do is make a bank transfer to pay for the currency by the due date shown in the confirmation.


Enter the beneficiary bank details on our platform and your currency will then be sent to your chosen recipient account. Funds will usually be received on the same day for most major currencies.


Registering as a business with CurrencyWave is simple-to-do and will take just a few minutes of your time. It’s free to register and we just have to go through the steps that financial services regulation requires. Start the process now and begin your journey towards international bank transfer savings.

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