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Video tutorials

Take a look at the following video tutorials to learn more about each specific function of the CurrencyWave platform.



We want you to get the most out of using our service, so let’s start by taking a look at the CurrencyWave dashboard. This short video summarises the key features that will help you increase the margins on your global currency payments:



Give your overseas customers the option of making a local payment to your account. Provide them with a first class experience and free them from the complexities and costs of traditional cross-border payments:

Beneficiary Manager

Why waste time having to re-enter beneficiary bank details every time you wish to send an international currency payment? CurrencyWave takes the hassle out of your payment processes so you can spend more time on your business:


Payment Manager

We give you access to the global banking system through one easy to use platform. With CurrencyWave you can send international payments to suppliers in minutes through Payment Manager:


Conversion Manager

Avoid hidden FX fees that banks and brokers conceal from their customers through uncompetitive exchange rates. We offer competitive exchange rates with bank beating service:


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