Market-leading exchange rates

Limit and Stop Loss Orders.

As a CurrencyWave customer, you can set up what is known as a ‘Limit Order’ – a target exchange rate for your transaction.  Once this is established, CurrencyWave will continually monitor and then automatically execute your currency transaction when the rate reaches this target, without you having to worry about it.

There is also the option of a ‘Stop Loss’ order.  This prevents you from suffering losses, should a deterioration in the exchange rate for your international transaction put your profits at risk.  If the exchange rate drops to your Stop Loss level, your transaction is automatically executed, limiting your losses to that exchange rate and no further.


Registering as a business with CurrencyWave is simple-to-do and will take just a few minutes of your time. It’s free to register and we just have to go through the steps that financial services regulation requires. Start the process now and begin your journey towards international bank transfer savings.

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