Market-leading exchange rates

With CurrencyWave, you can send international payments in minutes, in four simple steps.

Register for free through our online platform, allowing a little time for the required legal checks before making your first transfer
Request your real-time quote online, or call our dealing desk
Accept or reject the quote, and then pay for your currency by the due date shown in our email confirmation
Enter the beneficiary’s bank and address details (or call up saved details) and swiftly send the payment through our Payment Manager platform

The minimum transaction amount is £1000 and there is no maximum limit, although very
large orders may take a little longer. Are you ready to start the process and save money?


Registering as a private individual with CurrencyWave is simple-to-do and will take just a few minutes of your time. It’s free to register and we just have to go through the steps that financial services regulation requires. Start the process now and begin your journey towards international transfer savings.

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